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Photos by Hannah burns

My name is, Stephanie Burns, and I own a dog food manufacturing company in Leelanau County, "Tykie's Long Life." I have been in business for 10 years, and I would like to share my wonderful vegetarian dog food with your beloved dog.

My mixed terrier, "Tykie", was only eight weeks old when I rescued him from an animal shelter in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. He lived to be 25 years old on a vegetarian diet. Tykie never tolerated commerical dog foods from the grocery store, and there was a very limited selection in the 1970's. Since I was and still am a vegetarian, I decided to prepare Tykie's meals from scratch. This entailed a lot of time chopping up veggies and cooking rice and whole grains. I became so busy with work and my family, that I developed a simple recipe involving whole oats, barely and rye flakes, dried vegetables, healing herbs, wheatgrass, peppermint, parsley, ginger, dried cherries, and own our special mix of spirulina, garbanzo beans and nutritional yeast. 

"Tykie's Long Life" vegetarian dog food is very simple to make for your dog. Here are some step-by-step instructions to help you make the best food for your furry friend! 
  • First, measure out about 1/2 a cup of "Tykie's Long Life" dog food and pour it into your dog's bowl. 

  • Second, pour a cup of boiling to very hot water over "Tykie's Long Life" dog food. 

  • Third, let the dog food sit for as long as you can, that way the grains and flakes can soak up all the wonderful vitamins and nutrients in the food.

    • Hint: It's best to soak your dog food over night that way in the morning it's all ready for your dog to enjoy!




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